In my artwork, I strive to express the story beneath the surface – the underlying emotions of a figure, the feeling or culture of a city – the things that can’t be seen by the naked eye, but which make a person or place what it is. My work invites viewers to feel a connection that encourages them to express their own perceptions and feelings in response.

My primary medium of choice is encaustics. There is so much variation in the techniques that can be used with the wax, heat, and carving tools to convey a sense of depth and texture that are expressive and unique. I mix it up with my more traditional oils and mosaics while using common content elements and a bright, high-contrast color palette.

There is a variance in my work that reflects my ever-changing interests. I enjoy working with multiple mediums and blending the techniques of each to create something new and interesting. I use a method I refer to as “trenching” in my encaustic works to create a feeling of the grout lines you would expect to see in a mosaic, or use variations of color, size or texture in a mosaic to reflect the brush strokes you would expect in an oil painting.

I also enjoy using unexpected materials, often recycled from my own household waste, to manipulate into designs that make the viewer pause to wonder what they are made from. I might see beauty in the way that a crumpled plastic bottle reflects the light and use the natural structure and movement of it to guide my hand.